Constant Chanting

Constant Chanting

An excerpt from the Revealed Truth, wherein Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj describes the atmosphere needed to attract the Holy Name to descend in our hearts, and also emphasises the need to engage in constant chanting.


The Holy Name needs a proper place to reveal Himself. Without the atmosphere of a clean heart, a surrendered mood of prayer and devotion, the divine vibration of the Holy Name will not be attracted to manifest Himself. But someday, like lightning, the Name may appear in our heart and dance on our tongue. That will happen one day if we continue our meditation on the Holy Name. But it is not our meditation actually; it is our chanting service. Through our service mood the Holy Name will appear in our heart.

Sometimes the Name first comes to us in a mixed way. He may not first reveal His fully transcendental form. First He may come and go, come and go, come and go. But finally He will stay within us. Eventually that will happen if our mood is always directed towards the service of Krishna and our Gurudev. With that mood both what is known to you and what is unknown to you will appear in your heart, and with that revelation you will understand what is light and what is darkness.

Everything depends upon our mood of chanting and mood of service. It is very good if you will think, “It is my service to chant. I know neither why I am chanting, nor what I should think, and it is not necessary for me to know.”

For the transformation of the mind’s nature (cheto-darpaṇa-mārjanaṁ) it is necessary to remember the Lord constantly. Whoever is able to do this will experience a transformation. We have time, all twenty-four hours of the day, to chant the Lord’s Holy Name. Chanting a minimum of four rounds or sixteen rounds in a day is for practice. Our Guru Maharaj did not say we should chant for only four rounds once during the day. Rather, he taught us that we should chant all throughout the day. With beads or without beads, the feeling should always come to us, “Now I shall chant the Lord’s Holy Name.”